Limited by a lack of deep appreciation for anything other than existence.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

zombie mode

articulated through white noise.
nullified; given any other chance,
opportune or otherwise.
a chance to decompose within
brick and mortals,
sin and cynics.

artifice curves dimensions
also, artifice.

reap dazed daisies

let me let you know
that numbness consumes
the mind
and when numbed;

heartbeats are faint,
hardly felt,
heart sunk, cemented.

beating only
because muscles have
become familiar,
barely, accustomed to

Saturday, January 14, 2012

to err is as common as not to er

hooks devour clouds
as thin as rice paper
destined to regurgitation

hooks filled to the brim
decapitated whim
by proximity

hooks in nooks
withholding books,

unread of course.

electric; eclectic

as I wait for nooks to fill my crannies

all I miss
are familiar

foolish inklings of
squid lore and
giants left in lands far off

no more


cleverly rotating around,
flipping about,
the core

of apples,
left sore.

acrobatic prowess
progressing styles

from toppled to
and light reflecting;

on bellied beasts
rested and

Friday, December 16, 2011

a winter thing

if we deserve to know
the belted  frosts,
we give
out pennies
ten dollar bills are lost

and keep close to
our very vested familiars
who once were
stuck in clause.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a decline in attention

influenced by our mortality
life unfolds and creases
in fear of death
we yearn for distraction-
fine women with
long legs and
tight breasts
to the ceiling,
liquors clearer than
water, numbing
tars, pipe

kiss the wall

Marking territory,
gold and teeth
sink into soft flesh.

An art form,
basic subjugation
wards off other hunters.

Pride in relation!
Hot irons pressed
into supple skin.

Are there no boundaries
on artistic expression?

Just nothing at all

Are we living only to satisfy the incongruousness that builds up over the years?
Tearing bricks with our teeth,
bleeding over the wounds of earth.
Yearning for answers to our thought.
“Why do we think?!”
A fight to the brink of existence, against tiny strings.
Out of context.
Out of context.
Are you asking or telling me?

poise and poetry

Not quite forgotten,
the faint taste of sea.
Lingering, over
lengthy, frothing waves.
Argument for tea
and biscuits, sit by
kettle black, conspired
through fire, flamed palate!
Constant in between
meters of the sea,
out among storm winds.
Surviving wavelengths
in refractions of
visible spectrum.


ion, iced
two cubes
of glucose.

ed, iffy.
buried once.
as if living.

a real wild one

Map my intention
for further research.
You are a budding
and I’m a lost soul.
Principle dictates 
for reason to triumph,
while I’d rather 
burn down the moon.

cats, windows

to live in the realm of the material
and fall victim to its perverse 
is the most human quality,
but you make me wonder
if there really is a point to 

in the midst of all the crises
we experience in this evil land
you burden me with the thought of souls!

an end

if you were meant for more;

that flawless stance fit for bronze

or less rough around the edges,
for your eyes to speak in rhymes.

the only constant,
an audacious smile that upholds me.

but i’m sailing away tonight
and i might be gone for a long time

though i will miss the lines
that form around your thoughts

the voyage is long and tired
and i shall come back a wretch

all your color drained

I had felt this way before
Right to say, neither had the time

Our watches set to midnight,
and hidden under the covers

Has anything changed?
I daresay the feeling
has all but disappeared.